“The Ride” – a new sightseeing brand in NYC!

Ever heard the term “only in New York”? Well a new company has taken sightseeing in New York City to a whole new perspective! “The Ride” is a new moving attraction which allows the city to become a canvas while the passengers’ eyes soak the streets and timely placed performers.

Creators of The Ride took a Prevost touring motorcoach and transformed the interior to include long, theater-style seating rows facing toward the street. As the vehicle moves around notable NYC landmarks, passengers are immersed with high tech video, audio, and staged performances to make this an amazing moving attraction with quite the the passenger impact! The roof is even glass, allowing for uncompromised views of the moving skyline.

In years past, the travel & tourism industry has seen many new and successful attractions help to deliver new experiences. We have seen amphibious vehicles roams streets and waterways (think *quack quack*), and new speedboats providing a thrill to both Boston and New York Harbors. This new brand in tourism promises to allow the streets to tell the story along with a little help of technology.

For information and tickets, visit http://www.experiencetheride.com/