Beaches Brand for Target Markets

With so many beach destinations available, it really is the case of which one matches your specific needs. Each beach brands and then markets itself to a specific demographic first and then widens the scale by promoting how there is “something for everyone” there. Then there are the various reputations, which often sway different travelers either to or from a particular destination.

Back in the mid 90’s, much of the state of South Carolina’s annual tourism marketing budget was spent in the state of Ohio. I do not want to miss-quote the actual figure, but I believe it was something like 75% of allotted funds. As a college student, we would take trips from Charleston up to Myrtle Beach and notice that almost every out-of-state license plate was, in fact, from Ohio! Guess it worked! Myrtle Beach has both branded itself and built a reputation as an affordable family-friendly beach area with a host of attractions, great golfing, loads of entertainment, and a within a day’s drive of it’s largest domestic target markets.

In contrast, however, Miami’s South Beach brands itself as a whole different kind of beach destination. As a party like atmosphere where cocktails and music flow all night long, South Beach brands itself as a hotspot of fun with a strong connection to Latin America. Drawing the wealthy, yuppies, and international tourists, South Beach has the ├╝ber-luxurious marine amenities to support their brand. Miami also attracts other industries (fashion and film, in particular) that help support the local travel industry.

So which beach is for you? These are just two of thousands of global examples. First consult your budget, decide how far you want to travel, the season in question, and what you enjoy most from a beach destination. Make a list, narrow it down, and then start using your favorite search engine to find the beach…. err…. BRAND that is best for you!

Take a look at this promotional video on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and notice how they feature and repeat some key drawing factors for tourism.

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