It is all in a brand!

Welcome to a new space that will launch discussion of the travel industry in terms of branding and related impact. I hope to cover a number of topics with you over time to include brand consolidation, marketing analysis, the effect of bankruptcy, growing niche markets, and competitive strengths and disadvantages. As with any blog I encourage everyone – the industry veteran and outsider enthusiast alike – to comment and spur thoughts! We will discuss airlines, hotels, attractions, restaurants, and everything else related to people moving around the planet.

With years of management experience in travel/tourism/transportation industry, I have a keen interest in marketing and branding. As an insider to the industry, I have noticed that an organization’s brand development and the related impact writes the path and shape of growth for the organization. In many cases this development changes the industry or subsets as a whole. Did Starbucks change the coffee industry? Yup. Has Southwest Airlines changed the airline industry? Certainly!

Please help keep this site as a place of industry news, evolving discussion, sharing of experiences on the topic, and creative banter. Do not forget to subscribe, comment, and keep coming back for more!

“Life is a journey, not a destination” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


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